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Message from the President

Welcome to the University of Utah Asia Campus.

The U is proud to be one of the founding institutions at the Incheon Global Campus. We are pleased to offer highly ranked undergraduate programs in communication, psychology, urban ecology, film & media arts, and graduate programs in public health, and biomedical informatics. At the University of Utah’s main campus and at the Asia campus, student success is our number one priority. At the U, excellence in education is paired with the support needed to pursue ideas and hands-on learning experiences.

The University of Utah has a history of success that began more than 150 years ago. It is consistently listed among the best in the United States and globally. Students who attend the U have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned faculty and researchers who encourage students to immerse in their educations, create, innovate, and explore. Students are prepared for their futures through rigorous, stimulating, and intellectually rewarding courses of study.

University of Utah Asia students will discover a welcoming environment on our U Asia campus and our main campus in Utah. Students are part of a strong campus community. They will also find unparalleled beauty and a wide variety of experiences available in the natural surroundings of our Utah campus.

We are confident students at U Asia will be inspired, transformed, and prepared for their chosen careers and as global leaders, while also building a foundation of learning that will lead to a rewarding and meaningful life.

At the University of Utah we have a saying: Imagine. Then Do. It’s a place where we encourage students to think of possibilities and provide the tools necessary to turn thoughts and ambitions into reality.

The University of Utah Asia welcomes you.

 The mission of the University of Utah is to serve the people of Utah and the world through the discovery, creation and application of knowledge; through the dissemination of knowledge by teaching, publication, artistic presentation and technology transfer; and through community engagement. 




President David W. Pershing 


Last Updated: 1/15/18